Welcome to Pure-Pro New Zealand. Our passion is pure and clean water for every Kiwi. We sell only the very best water ionizers, water treatment systems and accessories to give you clean, effective and affordable water because it's absolutely essential for your health. Clean, ALKALIZING and ACID reducing water is good for you!

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Pest Control Auckland | Paramount Services Pest Control Auckland offers extermination and pest control services for the greater Auckland area. We have expertise in dealing with various pests, including ants, borer, fleas and rats.

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PurePro series of Water Ionizers and Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Pure ionized alkaline water for a quality life


The PurePro System converts your water into pure drinking water. Pure Pro provides RO parts, replacement filters, membranes, counter top RO systems, RO coolers, water ionizers and tankless reverse osmosis filters, easy to follow installation manuals and designer faucets. It’s simply the best drinking water solution for every Kiwi!

  • No more buying bottled water
  • No more film on your coffee or cloudy tea
  • Better tasting soups
  • Healthier than tap water
  • Removes 99% of all contaminants
  • Healthy and safe water for baby formula and foods


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